About Us



Flo+Izy is an homage to Florence Nightingale and Isaac Newton. These two people made an impressive impact on our world. They questioned the status quo and they upped the bar. We live in an drastically different world because of them. We are inspired by them, and people like them everyday. 


Flo+Izy is a modern and sustainable clothing label, ethically manufactured in Canada. The sizing ranges from 0 months to 100+ years (XXS-XXL). We are an inclusive brand and the includes our sizing. We will be extending our adult size range to 2XL and 3XL with our fall 2019 line. We have integrated sustainability at the design phase by adopting a unique sizing system in the baby and children’s ranges. Because of this unique system we have been able to cut 6 sizes from our baby and children’s clothing lines. This means less waste and less sizes to buy. We firmly believe in quality over quantity. Our designs are functional, modern and smart. Our styles will fit your children longer. Our quality will last through multiple children. Our fabrics have had a significantly lower environmental impact than others.


Social and environmental responsibility are of utmost importance at Flo + Izy and we are committed to using ethically sourced, sustainable and organic fabrics. These fabrics are also incredibly soft and comfortable. You’ll never want to take them off! The founders Claire Gabereau and Jamie Sadler both come from an arts background, because of this, they care deeply about arts and culture in Canada. Each season there will be limited edition prints released, featuring a local or Canadian artist.


Fashion has a nasty reputation for being both unethical and being the 2nd biggest polluter in the world. There is a fashion revolution and we are proud to be a part of it. Moving towards a more sustainable, transparent and ethical process. After all, if a garment is unreasonably inexpensive for the consumer, not only does it lack intrinsic value but someone has paid for it somehow along the way.